Piloting National Sport Events in Slovakia

The SIGWAY project has taken on the ambitious task of promoting healthy outdoor activities and sports, while simultaneously addressing crucial environmental issues and boosting local economies. As part of this effort, the project will be organizing national sport events in 7 different EU countries.

These events will serve as a crucial part of the sport training program and will ensure that the new sport activities designed for young people, women, seniors, and those with different physical abilities are implemented effectively and successfully. It is important to note that the physical condition of participants will vary, ranging from low to medium and high, in order to ensure that everyone has access to these activities and can benefit from them.

The goal of these SIGWAY national sport events is to encourage and promote healthy activity in the form of outdoor sports, particularly those that can be enjoyed on greenways and in natural settings. Through participation in these events, individuals will be able to enjoy the benefits of physical activity, while also learning about important environmental issues and practicing sustainable habits.

In an effort to promote these new sports activities and greenways, OTI Slovakia has organised the first SIGWAY national sport events in Slovakia. Given the significant need for transforming abandoned railways into greenways, the innovative sport program focuses on Nordic walking, which allows participants to walk on potential future greenways.