Focus group in Austria

Representatives from key organizations recently convened for a focus group to discuss transforming unused railway lines in Lower Austria into vibrant greenways. The participating organizations included the Innovative Education Center, Bahn zum Berg, European Greenways Association, Spanish Railways Foundation, and the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway.

The aim of the focus group was to engage stakeholders in identifying the needs and potential for transforming the unused railway lines in Dobermannsdorf and Loidesthal, Siedenbrunn-Engelhartstetten, and Hainfeld-Weissenbach an der Triesting into greenways. Discussions covered a range of crucial topics, including the current state of these railway lines and their potential future uses. Participants shared recent developments and insights on each prospective greenway project.

A significant aspect of the discussions was the identification of potential partners and funding sources to support the transformations. Understanding the legal frameworks and regulations governing such conversions was also critical. The group emphasized the importance of effective management and maintenance strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the greenways. Additionally, they explored marketing strategies and plans for official openings to actively engage the community.

The meetings underscored the importance of converting abandoned railway tracks into greenways that promote environmental sustainability and enhance community well-being. The next steps involve further stakeholder engagement and promoting the transformation of these potential greenways.