Focus group in Sloavkia

The focus group in Slovakia was organised in Trstín municipality and hosted by mayor Mr. Hlávek. Focus group offered a vital platform for stakeholders to voice their opinions and contribute to the exploration of Greenway potentials within old forest railways in the region. The engagement of diverse stakeholder groups underscored the community’s interest and the multi-dimensional benefits that Greenways could bring to Trstin and Naháč Municipalities and their surrounding areas. Further steps include analysing the feedback and integrating stakeholder inputs into the planning and development phase of the Greenway projects.

The potential Greenway in Trstín presents a valuable opportunity for community engagement, cultural enrichment, and recreational activities. With strategic planning, community involvement, and resolution of existing challenges, it promises to be a significant asset for the municipality and its residents. Meanwhile, the establishment of a Greenway along the old railway route in Naháč municipality offers an opportunity to enhance local recreation, conservation, and tourism.  Third potential greenway led by Mr. Róbert Ružek represents a valuable opportunity to preserve and celebrate the historical railway near Katarínka monastry, offering cultural, educational, and recreational benefits to both locals and visitors. With strategic planning, community engagement, and careful consideration of financial and environmental challenges, this project has the potential to become a cherished asset for the region.