Douro Railway (from Pocinho till Barca de Alva)

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The railway has a 200 Km extension from Porto till Barca de Alva near the border with Spain. The potential greenway it’s the last kilometers between Pocinho and Braca de Alva in a extension of 29 Km. There are only two big stations in the last 29 km; all the other buildings are small train stops.

Total distance: 19386 m
Total climbing: 3 m
Total descent: 0 m

The railway it’s always near the Douro River, the view is amazing. There is a historic train from Pocinho to Porto. On the Spanish side it has been created the Iron Road for tourist use

Credits: Espirito Viajante

Considering the characteristics, user can currently hike. In the future, if the line were to become a greenway, it will depend on the type of surface that can be installed on the ground.

Credits: The Brave Ones

Potential users are pedestrians, bicycles, mountain bikes, runners and horse riders.

There is no information on a plan for trasforming this railway into a greenway. At this moment the railway it’s abandoned.