Tua Railway (from Carvalhais till the Tua Station)

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This is a long railway with 58,138 Km, the region it’s Trás-os-Montes, and this is a mountain area with hills, cliffs, valleys and lots of tunnels and bridges. Most of the railway goes always near the Tua River till the place where the Tua River connects Douro River that follows across the Douro valley till the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Porto.

Total distance: 39993 m
Total climbing: 5 m
Total descent: -139 m

This 58,138 Km long railway has lots of small stations in almost all villages that are crossed by the railway, eg. the village of Carvalhais. The biggest and most beautiful train station it’s in the city of Mirandela.

Credits: Portugal Ferroviário

Considering the characteristics, the potential activities are cycling, walking, running and skating.


Credits: Duarte Belo

Potential users are Pedestrians, Runners, Bikes and Mountain Bikes, Skaters or Roller Skaters.

For the horse riders it will depend on the surface that they will put in the greenway in the future because a hard surface it will be bad of the horses.

At this moment for this 58,138 Km there’s no known plan.