Peloponnese : Corinth- Derveni

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This is a potential Greenway that goes through the north part of Peloponnese and in the last months the Regional offices and Gaia-Ose (the company responsible for the property of the railways) have signed an agreement which gives the authority to the region to act and transmit the railways into greenways within a big environmental park. The surface is smooth and it mainly goes in parallel to the seaside of corinth golf.

Total distance: 53134 m
Total climbing: 279 m
Total descent: -273 m

The surrounding territory is mostly going near the seaside and inside the small villages and towns and the main plan is to re-create the area and transform it into an environmental park with areas for outdoor sports, facilities and open spaces. The area has an easy going surface and it’s good for biking and walking. Additionally, the greenway is very near the seaside and it offers easy access to the beach. The new peloponnese suburban train which runs a few kilometers away, starts from Athens and goes until Kiato where the train connects with the buses and serves the north part of Peloponnese. Peloponnese has several  buses that connect the major cities and villages in the area. Additionally, this greenway connects several small towns in the coast with various facilities.

Credits: Google Maps
Credits: Google Maps
Credits: Google Maps

The general surface of this area is smooth and easy for walking, biking and running. There are several places to visit in the area and it offers great potential for the summer months. Additionally, the regional offices are suggesting to build facilities for outdoor activities, open sports equipment, playgrounds and other units for exercising

Credits: Google Maps

Potential users can walk and bike. The suggested plan of the regional office is that the greenway will be accessible for everyone.

This abandoned railway is connecting Corinth and Derveni in the north seaside of Peloponnese region. In 2020, there was an agreement between the regional offices of Peloponnese and GaiaOse – the institution responsible for the inactive railways of the country in which GaiaOse consented to the concession and exploitation from the region. The main plan from the regional authorities is to transmit the railways to greenways, including facilities for sports, leisure and outdoor activities.