Nestos Rodopi trail

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This potential Greenway is in the old railways of North Greece that connected Stavroupoli and Kromiko. This part goes in parallel with the railways and Nestos River and passes through the abandoned village of Kromiko. Additionally, the railway passes from Stavroupoli bridge and several tunnels. In this path there are also abandoned stations such as Livera, Kromiko, and others that are important cultural heritage buildings.

Total distance: 6405 m
Total climbing: 288 m
Total descent: -335 m

Stavroupoli has a folklore museum, a Macedonian Tomb, and some cafes where visitors can enjoy their walks. Additionally, the area is important for its nature. There is a Wild Bird Observatory in Saint Tomas, Waterfalls while there are several viewpoints for observation and great views. As for sports, the river offers a lot of opportunities for watersports while there are facilities near Galini that visitors can rent equipment. There are several bus and train stations in the area since there are big cities nearby: Xanthi (around 14klm from Galini), Komotini (60klm) and Kavala (40 klm). On the other hand, at the moment the trains in the north part of the country are under suspension so visitors can travel only via bus.


The nearby area is known for its beauty and landscapes. There are several voices that underline the importance of the buildings and the heritage of the railways since it has a monumental value, expressing history and folk heritage. As explained before there are several areas to visit and enjoy nature such as the observatory of wild birds. Additionally, the area is offered for watersports in the river, for walking, hiking and trekking on several paths.

The path at the moment is not offered for people with mobility difficulties nor for bikes (for most of its parts). Users can go for walking, running, trekking and hiking in the area while the difficulty is considered as medium.

At the moment there is not a public or a private plan for transforming this abandoned railway into a greenway. The only discussion about the area is to construct a tourist train to support the transportation of the visitors.