Agrinio – Kryoneri (western Greece)

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These railways  started to be built in the late 19th century and officially suspended in 1980. The buildings, facilities and all rails were abandoned while some of the stations were demolished in order to build other public buildings (e.g. schools). Most of the railway heritage was destroyed and vandalized throughout the time.  At the moment, the trails are abandoned, moved and/or destroyed. In some parts the rails have been moved away and used for other purposes (e.g. roads). As it can be seen from the photos, the rails go through residential areas, near houses and other buildings while crossing roads and rural roads. 

Total distance: 60806 m
Total climbing: 319 m
Total descent: -251 m
These railways are totally destroyed. There are few points of interest in the area since the trails goes through the natural landscapes and small villages as well as connect the biggest cities of the region of Aitoloakarnania – Messologgi and Agrinio. The  trails lie near Acheloos river as well as the lake Trichonida with high visiting potentials. Additionally, the area has interesting monuments with archeological interest such as “The ancient theater of Kalydon” and the “Ancient Theater of New Pleuron”. The area also has regional buses which connect the region with the country’s biggest cities and it is worth mentioning that it’s near the Ionian sea, an area with high visitation rate.
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The area is completely rural and it offers nice landscapes. The potential greenway goes through small towns which give the opportunity to the visitors to use public transportation as a starting point. The potential greenway would be a good option for biking, running and walking. Additionally any outdoor activities can be implemented in the different areas.

Credits: Google Maps

At the moment the rails are in bad condition. In case the regional or governmental authorities give effort for the transition of the railways to greenways it will be accessible to anyone and it could be used for pedestrians, bike roads and any other use.

A lot of discussions have been made for the re-use of these railways but there is no concrete action plan.