Komárno – Kolárovo railway

Owner of the abandoned railway:
Slovak Republic Railways (Železnice Slovenskej republiky)
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The old railway passes through the southern region of Slovakia and is surrounded by vegetation and fields. River Váh flows in a close proximity to the railway with its tributaries. The railway passes 7 stations between Komárno and Kolárovo (Komárno school, Hadovce, Kameničná, Balvany, Čalovec, Violín, Kráľka). There is a bridge that crosses the Komárňanský Cannal and part of the railway goes alongside a small nature reserve SEV Dropie. Another bridge crosses the Kolárovo-Kameničná stream between Čalovec and Balvany stations.

Total distance: 25849 m
Total climbing: 21 m
Total descent: -25 m

Near Kolárovo, there are old water mills which have been transformed into a Museum of windmills (Múzeum vodného mlynárstva, Lodný mlyn Kolárovo). Part of the railway goes alongside a small nature reserve SEV Dropie. 

There already exists one cycle route between those two towns and the municipalities, but this path goes along the river Váh from the other side of the river.


Bus station Komárno is located right next to the train station which makes transport to and from the railway very convenient. In Kolárovo, the bus station in app. 1,2 km from the train station and it is possible to reach it on foot.

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Considering the characteristics, the main activities are: cycling, walking, running, trekking, nordic walking, hiking, skating.

Credits: Trend Sk

Since the railway is located in a flat area of the country, it could be potentially visited by all people, even with reduced mobility. There is no steep incline and it should be accessible by anyone.

At the moment, there is no effective plan for transforming this abandoned railway into a GW., since there is already an existing cycling path between Komárno and Kolárovo, on the other side of the river. Both municipalities are in the process of debates on the topic of potentially transforming this railway but no action has been done so far. There is a possibility it will be used for other purposes than a greenway.